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17 May 2018 -
Some time ago there was a senior asked me this question: "? Raoping Bo, you know why customers will choose you instead of someone else you choose."
And I only had a simple answer, a question mark because he let me into memories of being in the brain in four years beating the boy with the client adapter along the way of hardships and happiness. Because they will always be our mentor, our teacher, is also deeply grateful client made my height today.
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Some people say: "People" The reason why there is a flick of a write, because people can indomitable spirit requires two factors, one is someone or something to give you hone combat, while another is the need for a person or thing to give you a chance . I have experienced both natural.
Into the first year when I do not understand the line salesman, do not know the power adapter product parameters, do not know what is meant by the power adapter certification, but with a cavity blood with the most traditional business model (carpet visit ), so I naturally ultimately rebuffed everywhere.
There are so-bit client, they specialized in LED products, but also is the industry relatively little known manufacturer, I just started to go directly to their company, holding a business card and catalog front desk Introduce yourself what he wanted, the front desk as usual refused.
From the company to the customer there are two-hour drive, and just hit Shenzhen scorching summer, it just does not go cheek constantly introduce our power adapter, we have so many advantages, there are so many certified three days cross-like fourteen days delivery, with a reception to speak of these, he did not follow the practice of the front desk called me to leave, but directly summoned security intercom, no option but to leave in disgrace. After several attempts to start the conversion hearted manner of speech.
That began to try to convert manner of speech, it is to ask them to take advantage of the company as well as the person in charge who is calling the front desk with his eyes on the door into the company indicate positive bespectacled man who, I hasten to say hello, handed him a business card, Men told the front desk to let me into the conference room, the wait for a moment who better purchasing managers (reception told) over exchange business cards, casually chatted for a few busy manager, said there is need to contact me, and then left them company.
While there is no talk about anything, but the way back is very excited, because of the constant attempts to get the effect. After about two weeks, the period has been looking for opportunities to keep in touch (greeting) with him, they have money power adapter needed proof, then he let procurement on QQ gave me a RFQ, then play like before we know it too not too conventional, power DC line is a drag three general power adapter is a large current is relatively large diameter, a drag three basic suppliers do not, the market has a drag four suppliers but no such wire diameter. No way for guests to communicate only with a drag four mold to make a tow line three guests agreed to personally send after proofing past guests say too difficult to read, and said we do things too casual, you make sure you are a professional power adapter it? Customers had promised to go back to wire plant to help make wire factory adjusted gradually. As long as customers do this we have to go to understand the affirmative, we followed orders will definitely give us, after all, we switch quality power adapter and certification, samples and large cargo delivery are advantageous. At first reluctant to take this time to wire plant, can not only take in consultation with him, look at the back of the supplier of parts I insist reluctantly agreed down. Success out of the sample, there is no expected orders, and he was lost.
But after a period of time to see their purchasing QQ accidentally flashing, I thought going to give us orders, and feeling like bought a scratch, look inside what prize in the same heart was thumping like to follow suit and restless stand up. Quickly opened it is not an order but a quote, a thought suddenly lost some wrong, we find a quote here, that we have a chance, we quickly made the offer, the guests on the transfer of the two dozen samples, guests back in a month and finally the order under which a down slowly they took some other section of the power adapter can also be transferred to us to do, there are about four hundred thousand per month payment orders.
Then I suddenly curious a chance to ask a purchasing manager, then why the order to us to do it? Purchasing managers listened laugh together, small spare you want to know, ah, I nodded energetically. He asked me: "Do you remember the first time to find proof of that paragraph it actually switching power supply switching power supply that paragraph I knew very routine, the following also looking for buyers for a long time did not find can be done, in terms of not normal? Suppliers will be able to do that. You're all right just QQ "trouble" I, I'll just let you do the procurement issue, it just is not what you see in the end you say so cattle, then I did see in the eyes, found that you look your share of firm words, the share of responsibility you successfully pay sample, I also began to understand your company is really, then began to prepare to you to come into. I feel pleased to hear the positive purchasing managers suddenly heightened dB added: "But at that time the level of your business stinks. "I am followed by a laugh together
At that time not the ability, knowledge and do not understand the product, target customers do not know they need to address the difficulties faced, one can only rely on the constant effort to visit, continue to accumulate. And the dinner is from time to time, and may sometimes have been at ten o'clock at night or later before dinner.
At that time, some friends ask to be rejected as a waste of time but also so doing, I do not know how he rejected the idea, also jumped out is not my own business in itself is not suitable.
At that time still persist on a regular basis to follow up customers, the company's goals, personal goals to bring pressure so I had no opportunity to deny themselves, can only go forward.
At that time ...... thank time customer support trust, incidentally also thank their own time!
Business feels it should be all-powerful, unrestrained, Xiaoxiao, a sightseeing tour. But who the real insight behind them withstand the crushing pressures, we pay great care. I would like to give our customers the absolute of this understanding. If the sentence is the kindness of my customers, it should be the "mentor"

Whereby article dedicated to those who support our Master!


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