I and a section of Israeli clients Romance

17 May 2018 -
This story takes place in the first 17 days I just joined the company, there was no inquiry. Everyday except Alibaba news release. Done the most to do is write a letter to develop.

Most of the development of the letter have been fruitless. Finally in April 26, 2014, an Israeli client back to my mail. Is currently looking for 5V 2.1A USB power, to my inquiry. Used on tablets, when the mood caught like a straw, as careful analysis of the customer's needs, the customer reported a reasonable price. Soon customers have to reply, to discuss the price., and made a request, require special packaging, and we need to design. So I recommend to customers several packaging, in that customers that need to get this power is sold in supermarkets, so that the use of plastic packaging, it will be more attractive to buyers. immediately found a few do suck plastic packaging manufacturers, made a few pictures over to the customer, the customer reference. end customer decided to accept our proposal, with plastic packaging packaging After several rounds of e-mail, the customer asked that we send two samples and suck plastic packaging model in the past. When the time you receive this email, that is happy and sad, joy is the customer to sample, and this explanation from the order closer, the worry is that this bad plastic packaging proofing, need communicate with suppliers, for us to design a special shell plastic shell. immediately made a decision. The first step, first under a single sample to the engineering department, let them sample preparation. The second step, on the Internet Blister find suppliers, asking them to help fight samples After several rounds of communication, not plastic vendor's customer willing proofing. The last thought of a way, to the customer sent an e-mail, asking if the customer agrees, we offer A similar blister packaging, plastic material and so on to confirm, confirm the order when you really like, do we then mold the same day the customer does not respond to this message, after an anxious wait, the next day to the customer replied , you can use a similar plastic packaging shells. So with the fastest time will send the samples and blister packaging customers. After follow up this customer, the customer has to say in the test sample. After a month, the customer that we Samples OK, but then, if you want to order in our house, then it must provide the CB report, due to the customs check was strict, afraid that when the goods were detained. Upon receipt of this message, I quickly found engineering to CB report sent to the customer after the customer receives the CB report, very happy that our CB will be reported to local customs for the record. After completion, etc., can be the following orders to us. Finally in July 18, 2012, mail client to say that our CB report no problem, and we passed the order after to the customer PI, customer deposits will soon fight over. A few days later, the customer wrote to say, you need plastic packaging put a color card, we need to design out of a need to put additional instructions in each blister packs. color card in accordance with the requirements of customers, called printers designed well, to the customer to confirm OK. on the specification of the problem, customers give us content, you need to use A4 paper to play, but we found a problem, if we want to A4 paper into plastic packaging, and we have to fold very fine, otherwise it will affect the whole look. So we through various way, the A4 folded into a flower, photographed for the customer to see. the customer is satisfied. So the smooth delivery of orders in October, when a customer China, met with the customer side, below and attach a Customer's picture:


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