a story of 48V 1.5A

22 Oct 2015 -
     In fact, Ms zheng is not my customer.  She is my colleague's customer. Because she worked at Korea company china branch. When we dispatch the goods to her. we need supply Pi and package list. But my colleague do not know how to do it. I help him to make the document.  From that time, we know each us by discuss the document. One day, my colleague has been resigned. Then i need to follow up the things. Ms zheng bought 5V 3A adapter from us before. One day, she told me that she need 48V 1.5A with KC certificate. But that time. 48V 1.5A have no show on KC certificate. After we discussed it. We decided to apply an new KC certificate. The we got that order.

     But last month, Ms zheng told me that she will be resign for her personal reason. I am very sad. Because she is not only my customer, but also is my friend. She told me she will visit our factory with Milla. From that, Milla will directly contact me about order. On Oct,14th,2015, I meet Milla. She looks very friendly. I hope we can establish good business relationship. Best wishes to Ms zheng and her family.


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