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09 Sep 2015 -
I know with our customers, proofing, see factory experience, the 21st century is the age of the Internet, the information explosion era, early in 2008 we will embrace the Internet, using the Internet to promote, with Alibaba, HC, Amazon, engineering factory network, manufacturing network, is a positive and innovative spirit of the company,
December 12, 2014 Changzhou Yamasaki technology development company, find me on the Internet, through a phone call to the other QQ, plus the QQ, then began chatting, very common, as usual, and communication and understanding her needs, identify good need 12V8A power adapter, and then she sent me mail, do their job offer to give her the power adapter, then no talking, and after a few days there has been no response, the next Monday, the customer depends on the product PSE certification, I The PSE sent to her, and the standard specifications be given to her, to know more about the product, the product of more confidence, three in the afternoon a message over to a model, I immediately arranged samples, we cross-like system for three days, three days time the sample delivery appointed time to him, the customer receives the sample, the appearance of very satisfied and specifications exactly the same, next step is to test the electrical performance, input and output load testing, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, resistance Pressure 3KC, leakage current <5ma, drop test, three days after the test QQ ask how, reply is still being tested, the seventh day and asked the test, ten fifteen days thirty days in the test, so the client always answer word test, the test results tell you there, do not continue to ask the back end is about to leave, this thing is fast I forgot until after New Year March 4, 2015, the customer called to say that the product is very OK, then I did not know she was that company, and asked her, and then she again about the company, when to sample, test three months after their works, one hundred days of continuous work time aging burn-in, power connector test their products in outdoors rain rainstorm harsh environments, a full one hundred days, in line with the provisions of the client company, one hundred days of product functionality, reliability, stability, full power burn-in test use, customers finish went busy, did not say delivery, price, Results section, there is no order,
Contact twice one week later, Monday through Friday each twice, customer response is not, after twenty days, March 26, customers call me again, bluntly say next month on April 5 they will come Shenzhen, participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring and April 17 to Guangzhou Electronics Fair (Canton Fair), and I make an appointment in advance, April 16, 2015 to visit our company to see plants. We did not think this is a client, there are real needs of customers, I never thought, good luck,
Customer April 16 to plant this time, I help them search for hotels near the airport, offers several environment good to him, he eventually selected Yifeng Business Hotel next to the airport, they're going to Fukunaga, Lo Wu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, I offer subway map taxi schedule, recommended Xixiang forward Road Royal International Hotel, an hour to do a complete itinerary for the customer, the customer does not know the beginning, very touched to receive this itinerary , impression doubled, he is of Jiangsu, Shenzhen unfamiliar car line accommodations, save him a lot of time, anxious to help him resolve the matter, saying to Shenzhen must bring a gift to me, invited me to dinner
April 15 client half past eight p.m. aircraft, Jiangsu, Shenzhen Baoan airport to the next, half past ten to Baoan, four peers, two Chinese customers, two Japanese customers, one of whom is an engineer and translator, I'm April at 15:00 on the 15th to call him to confirm the same trip, a warm invitation to the 16th in the morning to drive to the hotel to pick them Yifeng, customers just did not agree, the fight over the like, in my repeated invitations finally agreed to let me drive to pick him up, on the 15th day in the evening I reported to the general manager of the work plan, the 16th in the morning to open the company's business car to the hotel to meet customers Yifeng, CEOs that customers travel long distances to come to see plants, customers are very sincere, we decided to use his Mercedes pick up, night manager drove to the car wash to wash very clean inside and out, customers pick an appointment 8:00 Yee Fung, manager lives near Baoan Stadium, Tin Shui factory in Fuyong industrial area, separated by 20 kilometers, In order not to waste time to miss it, up six in the morning, half past six starting up the plant Tin Shui Industrial Zone, seven o'clock I was waiting downstairs, took the black Mercedes E260, we at this time to eat breakfast, seven Yifeng point out I drove to the hotel, seven fifty to, I waited in the lobby, they fly relatively late, I texted them, eight client party of four took the luggage out of the bag, I was greeted and asked them not eat breakfast, the hotel comes with breakfast, eat and then down the stairs, said some regards, I take them to the Mercedes-Benz side, clean the car, they seemed more pleased that we enough attention to respect for the customer, so that customers feel very intimate sense of belonging, like family relatives, they travel, we like to pick up their loved ones, draw closer, back to the company at this time, the car talked happily without talk about anything
To the Tin Shui Industrial Zone, show me the way the elevator to the A9, 8th Floor, Shenzhen Fuyuan Electric Power Co., the door shoe cover machine, put on shoes, walked into the company the first thing the company front beautiful atmosphere, great sense of technology, background LED wall, Ceiling Ceiling, wall lights, shining throughout the reception is very nice, we walked into the office, through the training room, recreation room, to the conference room, the whole office area like the same suite, together designed the atmosphere, I call to the front desk, The manager, project called together, and customer communication, solve their doubts, we started to talk a Hong Kong exhibition, what is the difference Fair highlights, coastal urban development, client home Changzhou changes, the conversation on the touch, and talk for an hour , not related to any product, innocent chat, customers are beginning to mention the power adapter, we introduce the power adapter we did seven years technical production experience, power solutions mature, export certification is complete, UL, FCC, CE, PSE, GS , SAA, KCC, CCC certification has, safety certified power supply, safe and reliable two-year warranty, customers have more confidence to work with us, and then come 12V8A power adapter model, in industrial humidification machine, which has blower fan, use environment harsh, outdoor temperature of 50 degrees, rain hail storm next month, one hundred days in power uninterrupted use this environment to test power is not a problem one hundred days work, is as safe and reliable performance, four power model, a model for us most approved a test day model is broken, there is a temperature over a high fever, and another ten days and sometimes do not work use, over half went to work, the three are not effective are not met, we win the other three power from the use of performance, This is also our customers to interview the most important reason, service is important, quality is to attract customers, customers value, "If you are in full bloom, butterflies unsolicited", if you do not like do not feel, that broke paying lip service to no use, even if reluctantly acceptance, but also a time, not long later be replaced, talk quite client readily tested under a thousand single-use, we did not feel disappointed, this 12V8A is standard stock material can be done,
Talked for three hours or eleven customer to visit the factory floor employees, even if the customer does not say that we will be invited to visit the factory, and run the company together, to see plants is very convenient, we went to the factory to take them to visit the materials processing and Latin America, pull plug, automatically pull plug, wave soldering, welding pull, QC see the appearance of parts, clear plates, semi-100V test, playing with plastic shell, load burn-in test, 220V all-detection test, ultrasonic pressure shell, and the third all-detection test Clean appearance of the packaging into the box, put the pedal weighing Marks stickers, key components of the internal power supply transformer, our own doing, copper wire quality and safety assured, do not worry about cutting corners, visit the transformer pull, winding, envelope, trimming , shear pin, core skeleton stickers insulation package, labeling, testing, aging oil-soaked, test again, packed into boxes, weighing into the warehouse
After visiting the factory, we go to lunch, they are denied the beginning, we are warmly invited to dinner, and when it comes to dinner time, we all have to eat, the customer agrees, we drove to the Cantonese restaurant for lunch, and talk some Guangdong Jiangsu cuisine dishes and what is the difference,
After I drove them going, going two counterparts four subway station, take the subway to North Station, take the high-speed rail to Guangzhou, the other two back to the hotel, go back a second hotel, Xixiang Royal International Hotel We happily set off, they travel relatively rush, high efficiency two routes, to the hotel, customers go to a LED optoelectronic company, I sent him, first they are rejected, behind duangduang, a truck from the right overtaking the Mercedes the right mirror, rub cracked ,, order not to delay their time, I stopped a taxi to help them go ahead, overtaking the other truck traffic law violation, full responsibility, processed Cache afterwards three in the afternoon I Back-mail to four customers,
Original message:
All guests, good morning!
What happened yesterday, I am sorry, regarded as a surprise, scare, small collision occurs, the other on the right overtaking, overtaking two lines plus the pressure change lanes, the other car full responsibility, so you worry occurred meaningful, free play again, a warm welcome! Handshake! Hug!
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Including two customers go to Guangzhou, was not in the car did not see them, let them feel our sincerity, do customer orders is not easy, a single multi think we take care of the customer on the 17th back to Jiangsu, orders one thousand sets for us

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