Alibaba Learning Exchange base

26 May 2015 -
After the "Ali Baba Learning Exchange base," access to learning base two groups of four or five a month each batch of ten corporate executives to the company will visit and learn, not only to bring learning opportunities to other companies, and also we will be more absorbed into other companies more superior methods and strategies to further promote their company's development. Full Bao'an District, only one company can get this award, but there are five or six thousand companies Bao'an District in for this fight, and this I believe you have to understand, "Ali Baba Learning Exchange base," the mission.
June 6, 2014, in Fuyuan electric development process special day, courtesy of Alibaba highly recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, the "Ali Baba Learning Exchange base" This honor was awarded to us, and I, on behalf of Fuyuan power supply Alibaba Chamber thanks colleagues for your support!
Shenzhen Fuyuan Power Limited, from small up to now, has experienced ups and downs. We went through ups and downs, setbacks and adversity, but received care and support. Development and growth of our business has been consistently believed in "world Kimichika teacher" five words. "Heaven" customer for the day, the customer grants us food and clothing; "land" to the company for the land, the company was growing stage we grant; "Jun" In King boss, the boss gave us direction and power; "pro" to parents and siblings sisters pro, parents, brothers and sisters give to our deepest harbor; "teacher" human divisions, three lines must be my teacher. So the company's development is inseparable from the customer support and growth also depends on the general staff's hard work pay and wisdom and selfless parents and siblings of friends.
     Alibaba learning exchanges base's mission falls to the shoulders, we know that to be done. It also tells us Fuyuan electric power "doing the leading brand switching power supply, switching power supply two brand leaders to do" business vision will be able to support the China Everbright customers and our employees for their hard work to achieve lower. In retrospect, it is encouraging; the future, inspiring. Starting today, we will open a new page, a new step, a new attitude and a higher demand for the future.

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