Alibaba's dream-seeking journey

   May 25th, 2018. Alibaba's dream-seeking jourkey team came our company to learning and exchanging from each other, the CEO Mr. Zhaoguang Wang shared his experience.

   switching Power adapter

   Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co., Ltd. since the establishment of the Enterprise mission, is committed to doing the world's most secure power supply charger, this is the Fuyuandian for the community to assume the responsibility and the significance of existence. From the start of the balance car market, Fuyuandian has been committed to do have the most secure certified lithium battery chargers, balance car chargers. Is the first batch of the national application of the United States UL, China CCC, Japan PSE, Australia SAA, South Korea KC, Germany GS, British BS, France and other EU recognized the most stringent SGS,TUV CE,CB standard certificate.
All certifications apply for three international standards (60950 Standard, 61558 Standard, 60335 standard) and Fuyuandian charger is the first to meet the UL use Ambient temperature 25 ℃ and use ambient temperature of 40 ℃ charger factory.

lithium battery chargers
     Fuyuandian Charger is the only one on a circuit charger at the same time has a common third-order charging and full battery after the choice of off charge double charge standard, and double standard has UL prepared. Fuyuandian is one of the standard drafting units in Guangdong, a balancing vehicle.
2016 Fuyuan Electric is honored to become the balance car UL International Standard Drafting Unit, officially become the UL Balance Vehicle Standards Committee member units. Fuyuandian charger, balance car industry charger leader brand. Suitable for electric balance car, smart twist and twist car, lithium battery scooters, electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric Harley-Davidson, folding scooter and other lithium pool products, as well as LED lights, LCD screen, treadmill, surveillance cameras, projectors, printers, electronic refrigerators, smart audio, security equipment, water dispenser and other electronic equipment. Select consistency, security, stability, power charger preferred Fuyuandian.

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