Don't charge the electric scooters in high temperature

   In a lady’s house in Luchongguan Road Guiyang, a brand new single wheel balance scooter exploded when charging, the old man had gone to the hospital after inhaled the explosion of smoke. 

 electric scooter charger

   At 23 o'clock that night, Ms. Su, who lives in a community of Luchongguan Road, put a brand new balance scooter on the floor of the living room to charge. "Just ready to sleep, suddenly heard three explosions, I thought it was outside the firecrackers, but then the smoke choked wake up." Ms. Su came to the living room and found that there was an open flame on the floor and that the room was completely covered with smoke.


   After opening the windows, Ms. Su found that the electric scooter was damaged, the fragments scattered, and the piano was damaged to a certain extent.


   Ms. Su's mother was sent to medical treatment because of inhalation of smoke, chest tightness, dizziness, weak limbs.


   According to Ms. Su introduced, the single wheel electric balance scooter is purchased from the Jingdong mall, June 2 only arrived, the front charged 2 times electricity, there is no abnormality.  

   In this respect, in Guiyang, engaged in the electrical industry, master Chen introduced, summer temperature is high, including electric bikes and balance scooters, the power of the larger electrical appliances, performance will appear fluctuations. "When charging, should avoid in the hot sun exposure, electric scooter battery charger should be stopped charging when temperature high, that will lead to the li ion battery and the electric scooter charger temperature high, and should not be charged immediately after used in high temperature." Master Chen reminds, should be in the shade of ventilation, charge for the normal temperature of the electric vehicle.

   Other experts say the quality of the spare parts of the electric car also has a significant impact, including the choice of lithium-ion batteries and li ion battery charger Manufacturers.

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