Electric vehicles charged illegally lead to punishment?

Core Tip | Penalties!The punishment! The Ministry of Public Security issued an emergency notice! People must pay attention when charging charging electric vehicles. "These days, an eye-catching news spreads in the social network." However, there is also a question of the voice: charging the electric vehicle leads to be punished? Dahe Newspaper reporter verified that this originates from the Ministry of Public Security recently issued "on the standardization of electric car parking charge to strengthen fire prevention notice." The purpose of the circular, according to the law, is to remind that "punishment" is inaccurate.

However, the safety of electric vehicle charging can not be overlooked. According to the Provincial Fire Corps statistics, last year, a total of 433 electric vehicle fires. At present, our province has 22 million electric vehicles, electric vehicles illegal charged the hidden dangers we have repeatedly reported.

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December 29, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security to strengthen the electric vehicles parking, charging fire prevention work issued "on the standardization of electric vehicles parking charge to strengthen fire prevention notice."

The notice said that for residential quarters and buildings with property service enterprises or competent units, property service enterprises and competent units shall implement fire safety management in the parking and charging of electric vehicles in the management area in accordance with relevant provisions of the property Management regulations. For those without  a property service enterprise or a competent unit, the township government Office shall guide the Villagers committee and the residents Committee to determine the electric vehicle parking and charging fire safety management personnel. Conditional residential district, building courtyard, should be combined with the actual installation of electric vehicles concentrated parking and charging places.

In addition, it is strictly prohibited to park electric vehicles or to charge electric vehicles in public areas such as common walkways, staircases, safety exits, etc. in the building. The owner should try not to park the electric vehicle or charge the electric vehicle in the personal housing, and should carry out the quarantine, guardianship and other preventive measures.

The sentence is inaccurate, the purpose of the notice is alert.

The Ministry of Public Security issued by the "circular" by many netizens as a standard electric vehicles charging new policy, more people think that violation of the notice will be punished. It's not groundless.

People who is in violation of this circular, causing a fire, causing serious consequences and constituting a crime, the criminal liability shall be investigated according to law.

It is understood that the main cause of the electric vehicles fire is quality problems, coupled with some personnel "fly line" charging, easy to appear short circuit. At present, Guangdong province electric bicycle holds the quantity 22 million, how to guard against the fire occurrence, had to arouse our attention.

In recent years, our province in the electric car "legislative regulations" on a lot of action. October 2011, the Provincial Public Security Bureau in conjunction with a number of departments drafted the "Guangdong Electric Bicycle Management measures" draft; in July 2012, the Provincial People's Congress at five meetings, a representative of the "on the strengthening of the management of electric bicycles" to reply, said that the management method is difficult to introduce; May 2013, The second meeting of 12 NPC Standing Committee revealed that the electric vehicle management method has been included in the annual legislative plan. 2017, the provincial Public Security Bureau Police Department again drafted the "Guangdong Province Electric Bicycle management measures" draft.


But these actions have not progressed much. In this regard, people said that the electric vehicles involved the interests of the masses, management, the various departments are very cautious, especially "exceeded" electric vehicles how to deal with the still not established standards, so that the legislation progress slowly.


Compared to fuel vehicles, electric bike/motorbikes have many advantages, such as light, environmental protection and other advantages by the people's favorite, the most important is the electricity than the price of petrol, and a lot cheaper to 100KM for the meter, fuel vehicles estimated about 17 yuan, the electric car is about 2 yuan. However, the electric car in charge of frequent problems, the charge of explosion fires and other problems, so that the vast number of consumer worries unbearable, in fact, these problems are not unilaterally caused, may be thought to be the cause of the battery inside, but I have to say is actually the relationship with the charger itself is inseparable. The charger market is messy, the quality is uneven, some electric vehicle manufacturers to buy Low-cost chargers for the compression cost, the quality is unbearable to talk about, the most easy to cause these problems. So in order to everyone safety small proposal, everyone in the purchase of electric vehicles at the same time, please open inside the charger look, see if there is a national mandatory standard CCC logo. Shenzhen Fuyuandian power co., ltd. produce the world's most safety charger, Fuyuandian brand charger only make the li-ion battery chargers or li-po battery cahrgers conforming safety standard, by domestic and foreign consumers recognized.

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