How does Fuyuandian Power give a solution to the high damage rate of the overseas sharing hoverboard scooters?

How does Fuyuandian Power give a solution to the high damage rate of the overseas sharing hoverboard scooters?

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The model of the shared bicycle was 2 years ago in the rapid volume of China, certified the last kilometer of demand market scale, there have been enterprises in the domestic attempt to promote the sharing of electric cars and share electric scooters, but for many reasons did not succeed. But this year, the native Chinese model, in Europe and the United States market has set off a craze.

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2 years ago, the model of sharing bicycles was rapidly rolling in China, which certified the scale of the market to be huge. There have been attempts to promote sharing electric cars and sharing electric scooters in China, but have not succeeded for many reasons. But this year, the native Chinese model, in Europe and the United States market has set off a craze.


Since the beginning of the year, Lime, Bird, Spin, Skip and other companies, in just a few months, the sharing of the economy in the United States, the rapid emergence of several billions of dollar valuation of unicorn enterprises.


Recently, there have been reports that some of the shared scooter companies have entered the European market.


In the sharing of skateboard car rolled in Europe and the United States market, but also encountered the sharing of bicycles in the Chinese market, is caused by man-made damage.


such as random stacking;

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Throwing it in the trash, cutting the wire, pulling out the QR code, and removing the handlebars.

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And even throw it into the sea.

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   Vehicle damage rate is undoubtedly the largest operating costs of sharing scooter, the current relevant enterprises do not have a good plan to deal with the user's destruction, the best way is to the scooter and parts customized transformation to reduce the damage rate. 

At present, all of the sharing scooters is no pile operation, means that the operator every day to recover or through the form of a third party to the vehicle to ensure normal operation, this frequent operation is not only the quality of the scooter requirements are high, the quality of the charger is also very high. Recently, the leading brand of intelligent lithium battery charger, Fuyuandian, customized a solution to reduce the damage rate of the shared scooter's power supply for the use of the shared scooter.

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1. Swing experiment.

   Wire Lifting weight (weight) swing experiment, used to simulate sharing scooter power wire and terminal after thousands of bending folding, the power performance is normal, there is no open or bad contact. Only strictly after the simulation of the products, can effectively ensure that users in the actual use of various bending twisting operation, the product performance is still good.


2. Vibration test.

   Vibration experiments, is analog sharing scooter charger in the transport environment encountered a variety of bad road conditions, such as rough, muddy potholes, drop bump, etc., the product is still good performance, without any performance impact.

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3, Salt spray experiment

   Salt spray experiment, is analog sharing scooter charger metal components, such as AC plug, in the sea after sea corrosion, sewage spill, all kinds of acid and alkali beverage splash, its appearance is not corrosion, good connection, ensure good connection performance. There are no products through the salt spray experiment. If you encounter acid-base environment, the inevitable AC pins will rust, will eventually produce a spark phenomenon, there is a fire risk and other fatal quality hazards.

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4. High and low temperature and humidity experiment

   High and low temperature humidity experiment, is the analog sharing scooter charger in different living environment, such as high-temperature environment, low temperature environment, high humidity environment, the product is still maintain normal electrical performance. Failed, the experimental products, in harsh environment, such as humid, high-temperature, minus zero temperature environment, there is the risk of stopping work, and even products in high-temperature environment, there is no output, fire and other fatal quality hazards.

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    At present, this simulation program, basically covers the sharing of scooter scooter in the normal and extreme conditions of use, through this set of programs to detect the power supply, no doubt can be a good response to day-to-day operations, greatly reduce maintenance costs. Fuyuandian, is the intelligent travel industry many front-line brands of power suppliers, for tens of thousands of users to provide safe and high-quality power Solutions, the product has a full range of standard certification, is the balance of car UL standard Reference Enterprises.

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   Fuyuandian is also the only supply chain member of the Sino-US Balance vehicle standard mutual recognition Working group.

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If the product needs to seek high-quality power solutions, perhaps Fuyuandian power to help you.

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