How to choose electric scooter battery charger

   There is no shortage of fashion in cities, such as the young people who walk through street lanes on electric balancing cars. However, in the purchase of electric balance car, in addition to pay attention to its performance, but also pay attention to electric balance car charger and battery, because the battery and charger performance can be said to complement each other. Only in the case of matching, to achieve the requirements of super long power. So consumers in the purchase of new chargers, we must consider the electric scooter battery itself voltage and current.
    So how to determine the pros and cons of electric scooters charger? The following gold Plexus small series to do a detailed introduction.

    1, The appearance 

Choose a good charger first look appearance, Shell solid, the power cord is thicker, especially the plug part of the thick is advisable. Second look at the charger has no relevant quality certification, such as UL certification, quality supervision of the inspection qualified number.

Then look at the name of the manufacturer of the charger, contact, factory date, etc. whether there is identification.

electric scooters charger.JPG

   2, Whether the charger and electric balance car match
1. Determine the battery voltage (V) and battery capacity of the electric balance car (Ah), or the original charger output voltage and output current.

2. Look at the type of battery, lithium batteries and lead-acid battery electric balance car, even if other voltage, capacity parameters are the same, can not choose the same charger, lithium battery has a dedicated charger. 

3. Determine the Charger interface for electric balance car with positive and negative shape. There are more than 4 kinds of interfaces in the market, T-type products, three vertical products, middle and horizontal products, round the head

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