Lithium Battery Maintenance

   There isn’t much to take into account for the lithium battery using. How many times a battery can be used? the difference is more from the individual differences in the manufacturing of the battery, rather than the using method. In addition to its own battery quality, the life of the battery itself is limited. Once the battery is on the production line, its lifespan begins to pass. Whether you use it or not, the life of the lithium battery is only two. One of the main reasons for the decline in battery capacity is due to the increased internal resistance caused by oxidation, the final electrolytic cell resistance will reach a certain point, although the battery is full of electricity, but the battery can not release the stored electricity. Many friends believe that the first use of lithium batteries should be charged more than 16 hours, so that the full activation of the battery, in fact, this is not based on, this is only the popular Ni-mh or Ni-CD battery charging method, for lithium-ion battery does not apply. Because the lithium-polymer-core battery has no memory effect in theory, it is completely negligible, if any. So just about 3 hours is all right, if the display charge has been completed, and temporarily do not need external power to use, then you can unplug the power, do not have to wait for such a long time.

   Battery maintenance has been a hot topic for notebook users, and in the Major Notebook Forum battery section, this topic has already formed a consensus. But in fact this is a lot of misunderstanding, in the final analysis from two aspects, one is "thinking does not keep up with Ni-MH battery to lithium battery transformation", another more funny, is from the mobile phone, because the mobile phone is actually the most users of the first contact with the use of repeated rechargeable battery equipment, So it will take some of the habit of mobile phone to extend to the PSP. I do not have the ability to develop most PSP users as experts, and there is no need for that. There is no absolute truth in the world, I will not like some only the theory of the first friends, swear to say that their theory must be correct, and to all people are convinced that he, I just will be in the major notebook forum and the electrical industry senior engineers generally agreed to share the view. After all, the PSP is expendable, no matter how hard you try, battery life is only 2-3 years. If you think in order to bring small to the PSP battery of the so-called maintenance method, and willingly to collect full charge and discharge time and often interrupt the game, waiting to recharge, then you do not have to continue to look down.

   Below I will make some of the most easy to fall into the misunderstanding, and give me the correct view and practice.

Myth One: PSP need to be charged and discharged three times in order to activate the battery. Unless you buy a PSP that is in stock for more than a year, otherwise, you do not need to do so, because the battery batteries in the factory has been activated, and the core in the package into the PSP battery time after another equivalent to the activation of the test, so you take the hand of the battery, has already been activated, Another three times charge and discharge process is just unnecessary to increase the loss of the battery.

Myth Two: The first charge must be sufficient 12 hours. This is true for early Ni-MH battery devices that do not have a battery control circuit, but it is a joke for the PSP, which now has the intelligent charge and discharge control module, when the PSP battery is full, the charging current is automatically cut off and the system appears as "external power supply". Even if you continue to charge 120 hours, the state will not change any more, in general, 3 hours is fully filled, the remaining "charge" is only a waste of their time. Instead, when you get the new machine, you should first charge the light.

Myth Three: The battery needs to be fully charged once a month. For the memory effect is very strong Ni-MH battery, it is necessary to work, but for lithium batteries, this cycle is too frequent, lithium batteries in theory is to eliminate the memory effect, even if it has been greatly reduced to negligible extent, if you use the battery is very frequent, then you should discharge the battery to relatively low (about 10~15 %) recharge, but if the discharge to even the machine can not open (0~1%), it belongs to the lithium battery has a larger damage to the depth of discharge, in general, every 2 months to do this operation on it. If you rarely use a battery, just do it every 3 months.

Myth Four: side of the charging side of the work, or after the completion of the charge will continue to use external power supply will damage the host and battery. This is the most ridiculous argument. What are the theoretical arguments of the so-called Zhi, such as the cavity electron and the other, in practice? Battery industry Academia's view on this is not uniform at first. Theory is divided, how to take to guide the actual use of consumers? The loss of the battery is divided into normal loss and damage loss, external power use and side-charging side of the use of real loss degree, completely within the normal loss of battery, that is, no matter how the system of theoretical maintenance measures, the battery will be aging, This is just like the magic of cosmetics and maintenance can not stop the beauty to become an old woman, but only delay, but the surface of the real effect of whitewash can be how much, this is not the theory can explain--respect for the actual use of experience is the correct and scientific understanding of the concept. It may be said that the only way to avoid battery aging is not to use (so many people will choose to take the battery down), but this makes the PSP portability meaningless, and the battery even in the storage state, but also with the extension of time and natural aging. The battery is actually a half consumable, so long as the battery brings you enough convenience and pleasure, I think their sacrifice is valuable.

There is a misunderstanding, naturally also because there is a corresponding general recognition of the battery maintenance and use methods of view, listed below:

  1. Should avoid complete discharge (use to black screen power off)

  2. Lithium batteries often charge and discharge, do not discharge when charging or use external power supply, edge charging side use, or after the completion of the charge to continue to use external, will not cause additional loss of the battery. 3. In the long run, the lithium battery should be removed and placed in a cool and dry place. Do not freeze to avoid water vapor erosion. Avoid being used in high temperature cars.

  If the battery is stored for a long time, it will be placed after 40% 4. As a notebook user, if most of the time using a fixed power supply, you can remove the battery in the shade, but this is only for the battery, such as temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. As a PSP, using an external power supply with a battery does not cause additional damage to the battery.

  And for the concept of portable and protective battery caps and metal contacts, it is not recommended to remove batteries frequently because of the use of external power supplies. 5. Avoid the purchase of spare lithium batteries for storage, because even if the battery is not used, its service life is also in the natural impairment, so in the battery's limited survival time, the maximum use is to reflect the value of the battery, rather than using various unrealistic theories to torture themselves and used to entertain the PSP.

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