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26 May 2015 -
In recent years, with the progress of information technology and the popularity of the Internet, China's sustained and rapid development of e-commerce in the prosperity of the domestic market, expanding consumption, reduce logistics costs, improve circulation efficiency plays an increasingly important role. Meanwhile, China's e-commerce development is still in its infancy, the overall application level is relatively low, the trading environment to be improved, public awareness and acceptance of e-commerce needs to be improved, e-commerce information disclosure, financial payment and delivery of goods and other acts also to be standardized. Therefore, the promotion of e-commerce standard development, and guide the trading participants standardize all kinds of market behavior, market risk is to prevent and resolve trade conflicts, and promote the healthy development of the objective needs of electronic commerce, as well as implementing the scientific development concept and building a harmonious socialist society inevitable Claim.
Network parties to the transaction information release and transfer behavior, to enhance the legitimacy, security, authenticity, completeness, timeliness and convenience various types of business information. E-commerce information dissemination. Legitimate use of the corporate network boot server platform, e-mail, online advertising, search engine promotion and other ways to publish and transmit business information. Prevention and suppression of improper publicity malicious link, interference-mail, hidden network advertising. Maintenance transaction information security. Guide e-commerce enterprises to establish and improve network and information security systems, effective website security safeguards, enterprise information security measures and user information security measures to prevent and suppress the use of the Internet to steal trade secrets and provide user information. To a third party in order to reap interests. Combating fraud in e-commerce. Cooperate with relevant departments to combat false advertising, fraud and other acts of mass present in e-commerce activities. With the various channels, resources and strength, prevent and stop using the Internet publication of false or incomplete information, deceptive or misleading conduct, guarantee true and accurate goods (services) quality, performance, specifications, price and other transaction information.
Standardized user registration and membership behavior. Guide e-commerce businesses in a legal, open and transparent way to attract users to register, members of the development, prevention and suppression to charge high fees or purchase of goods is a prerequisite for the development of member behavior, stop the Internet as a covert means of pyramid schemes. Encourage third-party trading platform provider in the real-name registration as a condition of providing online services set up shop, set up transaction security and backup systems, detection and timely warning transaction risk.
Standardize various online promotions behavior. Guide online e-commerce businesses in carrying out promotional activities will be promotions, rules, duration, range of goods and related restrictive conditions and other promotional content publicly available on the website. Prevention and suppression of online discount promotions, online promotional gifts, integral promotion, web hits lottery, joint online promotions and other activities occurring in original fiction, physical discrepancies, delaying payment of premiums and behind the scenes and so on.
Regulate electronic contracting behavior. Guide enterprises to develop e-commerce legal and fair user agreement define the rights and obligations between the users and to ensure that users can conveniently complete before accepting the agreement to know the contents read. To prevent and combat fraud, malicious collusion and other illegal means to promote behavior agreement signed. Promote enterprises in the user agreement modified to effectively notify users in advance, and indicate reasons for the revisions and changes in content.
Regulate online auction business behavior. Regulate online auctioneer and trading platform services provide business actors, to guide operators to comply with the "Auction Law" and relevant laws and regulations, accurate, clear and complete presentation of an auction target, to develop online auction rules on fair and reasonable terms.
Regulate the behavior of e-commerce service. Guide enterprises to establish and improve e-commerce, publicly and strictly implement service and replacement return system. Prevention and suppression of corporate responsibility evade sale, delay and refusal to accept the return of replacement behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers shopping online. b

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