Safety problems of electric bicycles

Safety problems of electric bicycles

   What the nature of transport do electric bicycles belong to in the end, and how to manage? these problems from the electric bicycle has been in the debate since the listing, and electric bicycles caused by the bloodshed has been happening.

Here Below is the statistics of accidents of electric bicycles in Nanning, Guangxi province, China. Reported from website:

53 people were killed in a traffic accident last year due to an electric bicycle violation in Nanning, Guangxi province, China.

Subjective factors

   Recently, the reporter in the Nanning traffic police detachment saw such a surveillance video: Riding electric bicycles outside the sale of small brother, because the red light led to a serious traffic accident. Luckily, the take-away brother was treated with no life risk.

   But other traffic accident victims that are involved in electric bikes are less fortunate.

According to Nanning Public Security Police Detachment statistics, from 2013 to 2016 December, involving electric bicycle traffic accidents amounted to 1284, resulting in 352 deaths. 2017 the whole year Nanning a total of accidents involving electric bicycles caused by traffic accident 196, died 53 people.

   In recent years, Nanning related departments to take a number of measures, including registration, special regulation of illegal travel, involving electric bicycles and the proportion of casualties in the number of accidents, but the traffic accidents caused by the illegal driving of electric bicycles still occur.

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   As we heard from medias, there are so much dead because Ebikes or Electric scooters, people really wanna know what is the reason, and how to avoid the dangers.

The speed is one of the most important reasons.

   According to the head of Nanning traffic police detachment, bicycle speeding is one of the main causes of major traffic accidents. According to the national standard "electric bicycle general Technical conditions" stipulates that the maximum speed of electric bicycles should not be greater than 20 km/h.

   But they found that the accident vehicle's speed exceeded 20 kilometers per hour by the identification of several traffic accidents involving electric bicycles.

Electric bicycles are set at the factory with a maximum speed of 20 km/h. According to the sales staff revealed that although the manufacturers of each car are limited speed device, but with a simple method can be cracked.

Reporter investigated six electric bicycle stores, found that there are also selling phenomenon of over-speeding electric bicycles, the average speed of more than 50 km/h, the highest of more than 120 km/h.


   Objective factors: Quality

   The two main factors affecting the quality of electric bicycles are lithium batteries and lithium battery chargers.

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   National policy encourages more people to develop and use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have obvious advantages, the state vigorously promote the development and implementation, although lithium battery portability, environmental protection, but in terms of security issues, but it is worthy of research and development personnel focus on the topic, So when customers buying a safety Electric bike, lithium battery is a important factor should be taken into consider.

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   Lithium battery chargers, including li-ion battery chargers and li-po battery chargers, of which technology is not new technology, but we also should choose a good one, because low quality lithium battery charger will get high temperature or other problems when charging, Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co., Ltd. Is professional manufacturer of electric scooter chargers, li ion battery charger, li-po battery chargers, Fuyuandian Power (HF-FYD) products website:

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