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According to foreign media reports, the shared electric scooter start-up enterprise "Bird" is raising 150 million of dollars, this round by Sequoia Capital (Sequoia), and the current valuation of the Bird is about 1 billion U.S. dollars.

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Similar to the shared-bike model, Bird users download an APP and unlock the scooter and move to the destination at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

In the United States, the share of the vehicles market, in addition to Bird also includes the sharing of electric bicycle operators Lime and the Spin of the pile-sharing bicycle operators, they want to solve the user's last 5 kilometers of travel problems.

But the Bird is stronger than the other two competitive on the book. Electric scooters are easy to use and can be used for more scenes because of their small size. "Electric scooters are cooler than bicycles," the researchers said, after a local agency survey.

In terms of price, the cost of Bird is 0.15 dollars per minute, compared to Lime and Spin every half hour cost 1 dollars, obviously Bird, for users, is more affordable.

Travis Vander Zanden, founder and CEO of Bird, had previously been a Lyft and Uber executive, and after he founded Bird, Lyft also began to share electric scooter business layout. According to foreign media reports, Lyft is planning to get a license to operate electric scooter services in San Francisco.

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At the same time, many companies, including ofo, a Chinese bicycle company, are expected to issue a shared electric scooter APP in San Francisco this month and apply for a service license.

In fact, some people are opposed to the lack of relevant regulations on electric scooters. The San Francisco government, which initially said it would start a pilot project this summer, issued licenses to five companies and was pressured to say that it would ban a shared scooter without a license on the road on June 4 and await further approval.

It is understood that one of Bird's main rivals, Lime, has raised $132 million trillion and is also in the market for round C financing. But unless the round ends sooner than expected and valuations exceed 1 billion dollars, Bird will soon be the first to share a scooter unicorn.

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