The correct use method of lithium battery(Part 1)

The correct use method of lithium battery(Part 1)

   The method is based on the characteristics of lithium battery. So we first analyze why lithium batteries explode or burn from electricity. Burning or exploding, usually caused by the heat that is concentrated and not spread out, accumulated to the point of fire, or heat in a certain space gathered to a certain extent, all of which will make that happen. As a battery, it boils down to the fact that this usually happens for the following four reasons.

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1. Internal short circuit (many for soft package large monomer)

   Structural or process defects lead to the insertion of the electrode, the diaphragm package is too small, burr, diaphragm discounts. The electrode inserts often appear in the thick battery and in the parallel structure, the electrode position insulation is not in place, in the subsequent finished product adds the protection board or the use process easily causes the internal acute short circuit to appear burns or explodes.

2. External Short Circuit

    Less than 1AH of battery outside of the short circuit caused by combustion after the explosion is not much, are usually bulging or simply burning the electrode. personal analysis of the power cell or large capacity mobile phone battery short circuit caused by the combustion. Individual analysis of the power cell or large capacity cell phone battery external short-circuit caused by the combustion. This involves improper use of the client, Non-polar ear insulation is not considered in the metal outer box, In the installed site, the battery smoke burning abnormal; Being of Power batteries common structural fixed measures; When the user uses the process, the battery's shaking causes the external insulating protective film of the batteries to be damaged or the connecting line skin is damaged, which leads to short circuit burning.


3. Overcharge explosion

This is the most dangerous, but also the most afraid of the emergence of enterprises, but still occasionally appear. There are two points to understand: A, users do not use matching li-ion battery charger, thereby damaging the protection line and the charging is not limited, in which situation explosions is not hard to happen; B, the battery is unreasonable and the protection plate doesn’t work, in this case the li ion battery will will be fried.

4, The battery materials are not good enough.

Materials do not pass, may be in the calibrated voltage current generated overheating, resulting in accidents. Low-quality battery materials may overheat under standard voltage currents, resulting in accidents.

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Based on the above analysis, in order to be able to use the lithium battery correctly and to avoid the above situation as far as possible, we have sorted out some methods below:


1, Frequent depth charge and discharge

Lithium batteries have almost no memory, many friends in the use of lithium electric cars or lithium digital products, like to use a little bit of electricity (Protection Board protection) and then to recharge, and in many people's eyes, this is a way to activate the battery. In the use of lithium batteries, we call the use of electricity to recharge the situation known as deep charge and discharge.

In fact, deep charge and discharge is a major misunderstanding when a lot of people use lithium batteries, the scientists concluded that the depth of charge discharge times is proportional to and battery life, multiple charge and discharge will lead to premature battery life get short. The lithium battery, which has a long life end, is apt to cause the battery to bulge, which causes the explosion.


2, Overcharge, or charge/discharge current is too large 

This situation happens usually when protection board design unreasonable, we often like to continue to charge the battery for a while full charged, so that their equipment can resist longer, but what many people do not know is that Long-term overcharge and over discharge will have serious damage to lithium battery performance and damage, serious will trigger explosions and other extreme conditions, so the battery is full of electricity, if the charger has been inserted, sooner or later it will lead to tragedy.


3, Charge/discharge current

In charge and discharge, lithium battery charger and electrical load current should be within the specified range, too high current can easily lead to the internal short circuit battery, thereby damaging lithium ions, causing security risks. So when we use the li-ion battery charger, we should also pay attention to see whether the charger is qualified.


4, Working environment

Lithium-ion batteries are extremely sensitive to temperature. If used for a long period of time, the battery life can be greatly affected and harmed. And for a long time in the overheated environment, will greatly reduce the battery life, serious is caused by the increase in internal pressure explosion. Even if there is no explosion, the battery will be quickly scrapped in the heat. In some cases, the death of a pool explosion is due mostly to high temperatures in the working environment.

After many accidents, manufacturers have also finally acted. They have added protective devices for most products, especially for electronic digital products, to avoid this situation, but the enhancement of users ' own consciousness is still very important to them.

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