The first session of the Guangdong network operators Daren game

26 May 2015 -
"I finally leave my dream one step closer." This is the first session of each participating network operators Guangdong and even the hearts of people of every race minds of those who run companies encourage their faith.
November 13, 2013, the Guangdong network operators contest co-sponsored by the Alibaba Joint Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong over the network, by building grassroots network operators blooming dream stage, passed between the foreign network operators hold together for warmth positive force, and ultimately help more small and medium network operators to grow and develop, so that grass-roots network operators through the stage of growth of human race of people.
In January 2013, we match up people elected, "Bao sub-division of good players," elected Guangdong network operators Daren finals column in the list of network operators, meeting in the finals, 60 cities and districts of outstanding players from Meta , through the trials of ten-three finals, we won the "Most Promising district" title. The competition is very grateful to Alibaba to provide such a good platform to show their strength also lack a clear understanding of their place, improve access to development direction, thank you!
New commercial civilization gradually coming today, is quietly changing. Embrace change and create tomorrow. Because I will eventually step closer away from the dream!

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