The top ten reasons for the electric vehicles fire

Electric vehicle burning caused by spontaneous combustion of vehicles, and even the case of fire, that happen almost every day all over the world, what is the cause of electric vehicles will be on fire? is the electric car original quality problem, or quality unqualified, there are other reasons? The top ten causes of the electric car fire, Fuyuan electric remind you not to buy the inferior power tool charger and battery!

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1. The quality of the electric vehicle you buy is not in conformity with the national production standard. A lot of electronic components, line substandard, plastic parts, lampshades, wires and plastics do not have flame-retardant performance, easy to melt when encountered at high temperature , easy to ignite when the encounter with Mars.

2. Batteries have been used two years, it is easy to appear the phenomenon that the chargers don’t charge the indicator light to green. Long time charging will make the batteries inflated and the gathering heat in the battery box causes the spontaneous combustion.

3. The quality of the battery is not in compliance with safety standards. At present the electric car configuration for lead-acid batteries, lead motor, sulfuric acid is electrolyte. If the electrolyte loses its activity, it will generate a lot of hydrogen and oxygen when it is charged, which can explode or burn if it encounters an open flame.

4. The charging circuit is not properly designed to cause a short circuit. This has nothing to do with electric vehicles and batteries, mainly external factors. If the charger's wire quality is not good, or a socket at the same time to recharge a few electric vehicles, will lead to circuit fever short-circuit, also will cause fire, affected electric vehicles.

5. The installation of the battery cable is unreasonable, which leads to short circuit. Electric vehicles often encounter potholes in the course of the ride, the long bumps will let the battery connector friction, resulting in the wire insulation layer wear short circuit fire. This phenomenon often occurs during cycling.

6. Electric vehicles long time used in the summer with high temperature, then immediately recharge the electric car, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion.  

7. The controller power line contact bad also can cause combustion. When the electric car start, instantaneous current will increase, when there is a virtual connection, the joint will appear sparks, causing fire.

8. When installing the battery, that is dangerous when cushion foam inside! Many electric vehicle assemblers use foam pads to prevent battery turbulence. Once the battery has a short circuit, virtual cremation and charging fever and so on, the foam became a catalyst for the fire.

9. The charger caused the fire. If the use of the charger and battery mismatch, charger aging, the charger is not good, all of these can easily cause a fire when long time charging.

10. The battery connection wire is substandard. Do not underestimate this most worthless battery cable, the insulation layer on the wire will catch fire once the charging current is unstable, too big. Generally inferior battery equipped with a lot of connectors are substandard. You dealers, should tell customers how to maintain electric cars, batteries how to charge and do not take other people's chargers to use, once the battery aging will be replaced, can not be extended use, not to covet cheap to buy inferior batteries and chargers

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