The world's smallest electric scooter charger

"The design is not competitive, if the Apple to design, the volume will be at least half the size!" It comes from an American institution making jokes about China.


   In the electric vehicle industry, we know that deciding the quality of finished products, in addition to batteries, motors, controller three piece, as well as charger is also essential. In the market, many electric motorbikes, balance scooter fires, half of the reason from the inferior battery, half of the reason from the inferior charger.


   In 2016, when the balance scooter was on the global cusp, a foreign media had disassembled a famous brand of balance car in the United States and conducted an internal structural safety analysis, the electric balance scooter charger is Shenzhen Fuyuandian charger, When disassembling the American Swagway twist scooter configuration, technical experts say:



   In that year, roast electric car, balance scooter charger is not just this foreign institutions, it is generally thought to carry the charger is big and heavy, very inconvenient, and It is incompatible with the technology of new intelligent products.


   On the size of the charger, wheelive network has consulted many people in the industry, learn from it, determine the charger volume is mainly internal components, to achieve such high current output, but also need to set aside a certain amount of space to do the consideration of heat, volume to achieve half the size, at that time is almost impossible.


   Because refuse to accept a word, pour into 2 years of thought.


   A seemingly innocent joke at the time probably escaped most attention, given the size of the charger available around the world. But as a balanced scooter standards drafting unit, the balance standard working group members, the leading brand of scooter charger, Fuyuandian Power (HF-FYD) did not ignored on the matter and they know that light is the user's demand, innovation is the responsibility of the enterprise, through two years of devoted, finally the development of a currently the world's smallest electric scooter charger.


   Wheelive got its first prototype of the charger and was stunned by its appearance.


   It's about double size of iphone chargers. Compare that with the standard balance scooter charger currently on the market, which has lost two-thirds of its volume and weighs as much as an iphone 6. It's smaller than what foreign media say " half of size" and can be pocketed.


   Size compared to a dollar coin


   Multi-device compatibility


   This charger voltage is 64V, can change the switch plug, automatic realization of electric vehicles, balance scooters, laptops and other devices compatible.

 USB Supported

   We see a multiple USB module on the charger cable, indicating that it supports the charging of USB devices. This shows that the Fuyuandian Power in the design of this charger's original intention not only to have a breakthrough in technology, but also fully consider the user's practicality. When you go out with an electric vehicle, a balance scooter, or a laptop device, you don't need to bring more than one charger.


   To produce the safest charger in the world.


   Most people figure out how to make a lower cost product, only a small number of people figure out how to make better products, in the atmosphere of increasingly impetuous and quick success of the environment, the more value orientation, the more difficult the spirit of adherence. Only the resistance to Live "lonely", Sinking the "Qi" enterprises, can continue to forge a fine. To produce the world's safest charger, is the mission of Fuyuandian Power.

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