The new UL2272 standard of balance scootors after CES exhibition and market in 2018, 2018 China 

05 May 2018 - Power adapter


   The new UL2272 standard of balance scootors after CES exhibition and market in 2018, China "electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specification" standard publicity, which is the threshold standard quality Chinese enterprises need to cross.

   From January 16, 2018 onwards, the standard for approval will be for the public publicity for 30 days in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Standards Committee website.

   "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specification" national standard approval draft for social publicity.

   In accordance with the spirit of the reform of the State Council's standardization work, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the general administration of Industry and Quality Inspection Bureau (National Standards Committee), four departments, the organization of electric bicycles related scientific research institutions, testing institutions, production enterprises, institutions of higher learning, industry organizations General technical conditions of electric bicycles (GB17761-1999) Compulsory national standard revision work, the revised standard name is "Electric Bicycle safety Technical Specification". From January 16, 2018 onwards, the standard approval draft in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Standards Committee website for the public 30 days.

With regard to standards, China's enterprises and global enterprises are now more and more attention, are actively involved in it. Worked hard for safety. At the same time, has been in the United States market hot twist car because 2017 there are some security incidents.

   Following the fire recall after 2015, the United States CPSC again issued a recall in 2017! Involving 7 brands and more than 500,000 balance cars!

   In the United States October 23, 2017, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) in Tuesday, the United States in a twist-and-twist car fire accident, causing a house burned, and surrounding 4 houses damaged, fortunately, no casualties. And something like this happened in March this year, also in Pennsylvania State, as Layz board the brand's twisted-twist car exploded in flames that killed 2 children.


   S. time November 15, 2017, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a new round of torsion car recall list. 7 Branded 10000 products recalled.

   Because of the 2017 United States in the constant occurrence of balance car fire accident in the United States in 2017, balance car UL2272 standards have some new upgrade requirements, because the market does not have the standard, the UL International Standard Committee in 6 months time has developed the UL2272 standard for the balance vehicle safety.


   UL2272 security standards have been upgraded.

   At present, small parts of manufacturers haave been cancelled the UL files by the UL Institutions because of no timely update the products. Therefore, if manufacturers want their products to continue to be sold in the United States market, should be timely update the standard. As we know, there are two main  channels that manufacturers update UL2272 standard, one is through the UL standard upgrade, The other is through the UL authorized Joint Tripod Testing Company (UTL) to carry out standard upgrade. 



   December 2017 Hangzhou ANSI-SAC Group Standards Cooperation and development work session, UL Global Standards Vice President (PHILIP M.piqueira Vp,global standards, UL and UL2272 Standard Committee members Wang Zhaoguang from Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co., Ltd. in-depth exploration and exchange of views.

   On the standards of products and energy efficiency of products Mr. Wang Zhaoguang also made some rationalization proposals, such as energy efficiency requirements, before 2017, Fuyuandian required all of the charger products to meet the balance of car energy efficiency requirements according to the United States CEC Energy-saving standard implementation before the balance of car energy efficiency requirements in the United States.


   Thanks to UL Global Standard Vice President and China District Standard's chief representative in Hangzhou Ansi-sac Group standard cooperation and development work meeting, warmly invite UL2272 Standard Committee member Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Mr. Wang Zhaoguang together happy breakfast.


   Fuyuandian is very grateful to the UL2272 Standards Committee leadership of the Fuyuan power of the full affirmation and contribution to Fuyuan electrical product quality recognition.


   Hope buyers in the purchase of balance car to purchase priority to implement the UL2272 standard balance vehicle and accessories, some of America's big sellers are doing the same.

   The 2018 balance car market, the U.S. Consumer Council CPSC will be more intensified to spot checks on the market to sell the balance car products. I hope you can meet the UL2272 standard products.

   Hope that the industry enterprises have the standard, still adhere to continuously improve the quality of products adhere to the standards required to do qualified products, is committed to building Chinese brands. In any period, adhere to quality standards is the bottom line of the enterprise is also the survival of the red Thread.


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