Wireless charging technology will be widely used in electric vehicles in the next two years

   Wireless charging technology leader Qualcomm has revealed that in the next two years, the wireless charging technology for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will achieve a wide range of applications.

   According to foreign media reports, the electric car market is expanding, the world's governments also have special care for electric vehicle companies and provide them with tax rebate policy, further promote the electric vehicles, plug-in cars, hybrid cars and battery charging technology development. Carmakers are also seeking cooperation to develop global fast-charge stations. Qualcomm, for example, reveals that the wireless charging technology for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will achieve a wide range of applications over the next two years.

   The wireless charging technology used in automobiles will be similar to the wireless charging of mobile phones. Wireless charging technology uses high-frequency magnetic fields from the gasket to transmit magnetic pulses to the receiver to charge the phone. When the technology is used in automobiles, the car will use a charging pad on the ground to transmit high-frequency magnetic fields. The car will be equipped with a receiver, when the vehicle is parked on the charging pad, the magnetic pulse will be converted into electricity, and the car can be charged with electricity. Wireless charging pads will be installed on the road, and electric vehicles can be recharged at any time.

wireless charging pad

   Davidson also said that in the early stages, the wireless charging technology of electric vehicles could be very expensive. It is expected that over time this technology will be more cost effective and ultimately the same as today's plug-in charging technology costs.

BMW, the German carmaker, has implemented the technology on the BMW 530e iperformance model. Wireless charging will make the electric car more convenient by quickly tracking the charging process and abandoning the plug-in charging interface.

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