Yingtan (shenzhen) Green lighting industry Cooperation exchange meeting

22 May 2018 - LED power adapter

   May 19 Afternoon, Yingtan (shenzhen) Green lighting industry cooperation exchange in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel held, a total of 12 projects signed, the total investment amounted to 1.68 billion yuan. Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co., Ltd. Attended the conversation, and got high degrees of certainty.

   Party committee secretary Guo An attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

   The purpose of this cooperation is to promote Yingtan investment environment, industry profile and development prospect to the broad masses of business people, further promote the exchange and cooperation between Yingtan and Shenzhen, and seek common development plan. Shenzhen and surrounding areas of green lighting entrepreneurs, Yingtan, Guixi related units in charge of more than 140 people attend the meeting.

   In the speech, Guo An first on behalf of the municipal government to attend the meeting guests, businessmen express warm welcome, and introduced the Yingtan sentiment. He said that Yingtan has a good ecological environment, excellent traffic location and a long history of Taoism culture. At present, Yingtan City up and down is around to build the world copper, Zhonghua Road, smart New city, work together, a solid job, has achieved certain results.

   Guo An pointed out that green energy conservation and environmental protection is the trend of the times. LED lighting has energy-saving, environmental protection, long life and other notable features, by the world's lighting industry elite attention. Now the development trend of LED lighting is very strong, Jiangxi LED lighting industry, solid foundation, with the most complete industry chain, especially in technology research and development innovation has made a new breakthrough, the next step, the entire Jiangxi LED lighting industry will have a more substantial development. Today, we hold a cooperation exchange here, is the hope that with the vast number of entrepreneurs to strengthen cooperation and joint efforts, full use of Jiangxi has led industry technology advantages, the Yingtan into a national LED lighting industry base. Yingtan, Guixi Two levels of government will do its utmost to help enterprise development, for investors to create a relaxed policy environment, efficient government environment, convenient office environment, high-quality business environment, so that Yingtan become the green lighting industry transfer to undertake the land, entrepreneurs create brilliant stage.

   At the meeting, Guixi on the LED lighting industry focused on the promotion of some of the businessmen representative of the exchange to speak. In recent years, Guixi focused on the development of green lighting industry. As of now, Guixi has Jiangxi Crystal Branch Electronics Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Shine Technology Co., Ltd. more than 30 energy-saving lighting enterprises above the scale, the annual output value of 3 billion yuan, basically formed a more complete industrial chain, become the national well-known green lighting production base. Products not only best-selling the country, but also exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other more than 100 countries and regions, enjoy greater visibility and reputation. Since last year, Guixi has introduced more than 20 led copper wire lamp enterprises, the realization of the industrial chain on the downstream group settled Guixi Innovation Park, opened up the industrial chain investment "Park in the park agglomeration" of the new industrial development model.

   Fuyuandian power in the conference to obtain a high degree of affirmation, and successfully with Yingtan and Guixi investment agencies to reach an agreement to do a good job for the Jiangxi Province, Shenzhen, the global supply of high-quality LED power adapter

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