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China State Council Security Committee Office: will perfect the electric bicycle field standard stip

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Hope this article can help customers to buy the high quality electric bike, and the corresponding accessories, such as lithium batteries and electric bike battery and chargers, that are easy to raise security issues. I also hope that we can improve the safety awareness of the use of electric bicycles.

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The office of the China State Council has issued a circular on the comprehensive management of the fire safety of electric bicycles, according to a report released today (May 16, 2018) by the Department of Emergency Management. The notice shows that the standard provisions of the electric bicycle field will be perfected, including speeding up the implementation of the new national standard "electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specification".

 1. Comprehensively overhaul the electric bicycle product quality

In recent years, China's electric bicycle fire frequent and growing trend of the year, resulting in a large number of casualties, accidents exposed electric bicycle production standards, product quality, circulation sales, maintenance modification, parking charge, safety management and other aspects of outstanding problems.

Therefore, the notice said, comprehensive inspection of the quality of electric bicycles, repair modification and the use of management and other aspects of the problems, to crack down on illegal production, sale of fake and substandard electric bicycle behavior, vigorously standardize maintenance modification behavior, focus on promoting the construction of a number of centralized parking places and charging facilities, In order to achieve the purpose of reducing the fire accident of electric bicycle survivors obviously.

Reporter noted that the electric bicycle product quality, circulation sales, maintenance modification and use of management for the focus of this administration.

2. Fire safety control of electric bicycles to be carried out by end of year

The notice mentions that the Standard Rules for the field of electric bicycles will be perfected. Speeding up the implementation of the national new standard "electric bicycle safety technical specifications"; Research and development of electric bicycle parking space planning and construction standards; The government has drawn up the regulations to strengthen the management of the production, sale, repair, modification and use of electric bicycles, and to establish a transitional management policy, Active and safe and orderly elimination of electric bicycles not in line with national standards. Implementation of the State does not encourage the development of shared electric bicycle policy, urging the sharing of cycling enterprises to clean up and recycle the share of electric bicycles.

In standardizing the parking charge of electric bicycles (electric bike batterychargers), the new residential district should be encouraged to set up a centralized parking place and an intelligent charging control facility with the functions of timing charging, automatic power off, malfunction alarm and so on to promote the installation of electrical fire monitoring and visual monitoring system.

In addition, the strict production of electric bicycles, sales supervision, rectification repair and modification of the market, to crack down on illegal production, sale, modification of electric bicycles and accessories behavior.

The time for comprehensive management of fire safety in electric bicycles starts from May 2018 to the end of 2018.

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