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Guangzhou Quality Supervision Bureau spot check 16 batches of power adapter products unqualified 4 B

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May 17, 2018, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision official website released 2018 GuangzhouPower adapter product quality Supervision and inspection results, a total of 16 enterprises produced 16 batches of products, tested, 4 enterprises produced 4 batches of products do not meet the standard requirements.


The spot check according to GB 4943.1-2011 "Information technology equipment Safety 1th part: General Requirements", GB 8898-2011 "audio, video and similar electronic equipment safety Requirements", GB/t 9254-2008 "Information technology equipment Radio disturbance limits and measuring methods", GB/t 13837-2012 the limits and methods of radio disturbance characteristics of sound and television broadcast receivers and related equipment, GB 20943-2013, single output AC-DC and AC-AC external power energy efficiency limit and energy-saving evaluation, and other standards, for power interface, electric shock and energy hazard protection, Grounding conductors and their connection resistance, electrical insulation, electrical clearance and creepage distance, end of conductor, mechanical strength, direct-insertion equipment, heating requirements (temperature rise and abnormal heat resistance), contact current and protection conductor current, electrical resistance, abnormal work and failure conditions, power terminals and telecommunications port of conduction harassment, radiation disturbance, The average efficiency of energy efficiency limited value of no-load state energy efficiency limits and other items to test.


In this spot check, there are 2 batches of product safety inspection items unqualified, for serious unqualified. Among them, 1 batches of product heating requirements do not meet the GB 4943.1-2011 standard requirements, specifically for the sample's resistance to abnormal heat does not meet the standard requirements. For the thermoplastic parts supporting the first circuit, the standard requirements of the plastic parts should be capable of abnormal heat, so as to ensure that the plastic parts in abnormal conditions can normally support or protect dangerous live parts. 1 batches of products under normal operating conditions of the Fever does not meet the GB 8898-2011 standard requirements, the specific performance of the normal operating conditions, winding insulation temperature rise over the standard limit value. Winding in use when the temperature is too high, will affect the life of the product, and too high temperature may cause fire and other security risks, to the user's life and property security hazards.

The nonconforming project also involves the average efficiency limit, the power supply side disturbance voltage, and the disturbance power. Among them, the power end disturbance voltage and the disturbance power unqualified performance in the Power line difference mode, the common mode by the voltage form disturbs the electric network, affects the nearby electrical appliance normal use.

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