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The world's first electric scooter appeared 105 years ago!Electric scooters seem like a new fashionable means of transport, the streets have their figure, people ride it to work, school, ride. But ...
Why To Buy An E-BikeE-bikes are one of the hottest new Products, why is it blooming all over the world and why we should buy it.Here are reasons i think:(1) Achieve different goalsThe selling point...
How to design power supply easily?This article provides an overview of power supply design possibilities and introduces basic and common isolated and unisolated power topologies and their advantage...
RULES OF RIDING ESCOOTERS IN ENGLANDSince the beginning of this year, the number of electric scooters on Britain's streets has grown, and it has become a popular walking tool for young people. But ...
As a personal means of transport, electric bicycles are more convenient and faster than traditional cars, and the pollution to the environment is much smaller.Electric bikes have grown in popularit...
Huawei riding electric scooter review. Discovering that electric scooters have become a tool that young people often use to get to work, this time out, see many young people have to ride electric s...
An electric scooter caught fire on the London UndergroundPrices around the world have skyrocketed in the past two years due to the impact of COVID-19.  In the past, people would pay more attention ...
The electric scooter market is blooming in china?Due to the serious impact of the epidemic, mass transportation such as buses will increase the s...
1. What is the difference between UL test report and UL certification? The United States is a very strict security requirements of the country, all electronics manufacturers in the United States as...
Safe of electric scooter —— BMS and ChargerBattery Management System (BMS) is an important line of defense for battery safety. This is an electronic circuit containing a chip, also known as a batte...

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